Dunlop TVR Challenge

The Dunlop TVR Challenge is for all TVR sports cars no matter whether they are standard or highly modified as long as they comply with the MSA regulations. The Challenge maintains the famous racing ethos of the former Blackpool manufacturer and is run by the ex TVR Motorsport Director, John Reid, in conjunction with the BRSCC.

From a combination of the leading one make series of the 1990’s the Tuscan Challenge and the TVRCC Tasmin series the championship is now open to all TVR cars. John Reid set up the series to give TVR owners the opportunity to get their beloved cars out on the race-track where they belong. Such was the demand that the series gained championship status from the MSA in 2008.

The Challenge is divided into three main classes:

Cars in class A are mostly the original Tuscan Challenge cars and a smattering of Cerbera and Tuscan Speed 6 based cars. These will generally be running the original AJP V8 or Chevrolet based engines with higher BHP.

Cars in class B are a healthy mixture of Tuscans with less powerful Rover V8’s, Tasmins running V8 or turbo charged power, Griffiths, Chimera and T350 based road to race conversions. Class B also sees the occasional outing of a classic Tuscan.

Class C is the place for the Tasmins running original spec engines and 3000M.

With such a wide variety of cars and engine combinations made available by TVR, placing cars into the correct class is not always straightforward, with the emphasis on fun and friendly competition the final determination of which class the car runs in is down to John Reid and anyone thinking about racing with us should give John a call as early as they can in their build process.

To give competitors a better racing experience and to increase the numbers on the grid, the TVR Challenge also has an Invitation Class that caters for any make of sports car as long as it complies with the MSA regulations for the original championship it was built to race in.

As the championship title suggests, Dunlop Tyres are one of the major sponsors and are the source for the rubber. Drivers have the choice of competing on slicks, road or track tyres.

The Dunlop TVR Challenge offers drivers the opportunity to compete in a championship visiting circuits across the UK. The natural affinity that all the competitors and mechanics have with the legendary marque means there is always a great spirit in the paddock and help is always at hand. This was enhanced this year with a central hospitality area travelling with the series.

Provisional 2018 Calendar

Rounds 1 & 2 April 28th/29th Angelsey Coastal
Rounds 3, 4 & 5 June 9th/10th Snetterton 300
Rounds 6, 7 & 8 August 11th/12th Castle Combe
Rounds 9, 10 & 11 September 8th/9th Brands Hatch Indy


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